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          Our company warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate sincerely with us, we are willing to first-class products, first-class technology, first-class service wholeheartedly for the general user services【2009-12-23】
          Warmly congratulate our companys products to obtain CCS, ABS, CL, etc. Class certificate and passed ISO9001, 2000 quality certification!【2009-12-23】
          Our company specialized in producing valve remote control systems, level telemetry systems, high and low pressure pumps, hydraulic support, multi-function machine tools, machine filters and other marine vessels and ancillary equipment integrated! 【2009-12-23】
          Congratulations to Nantong Zhongshun Cis-Marine Machinery Co., Ltd website on-line!【2009-12-23】
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