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        Nan tong Zhongshun Shipping Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in nantong ChongChuanOu Wolf - a tso industrial world famous temple "gold waterway" the river. This vacation expressway and airports, ports, station from company, water, land and air transportation is very convenient.
        Company engaged in shipping machinery accessories and products of the production, processing, by many enterprises jointly established in investment in nantong shipping machinery Co., ltd., company for trademark is,covers an area of more than 5,600 square meters, the annual production capacity of 5000 yuan.。
        The company valve remote control system, oil filter and stable and reliable product quality, praised by customers at home and abroad, the user strict inspection and quality completely accord with a standard to ask.
        Company policy: the quality of survival, win the market with quality, service, management for efficiency development.
        In order to form the core competitiveness of the company, investment introduction of advanced equipments and production technology, and constantly technology development, reform and innovation, which makes the product in market competition has been in a leading position. Venture companies in the beginning in line with "high starting point, high investment, high investment introduction" principle, the first-class technology and equipment, to ensure the products quality.
        Companies from a new Angle and sustainable development, and solve the height of traditional products in the production process, thus make the defects of the product style is novel, superior performance and energy efficiency. Especially in the intelligent control function of high-tech applications show the advanced security and reliability, and obtained the consent of domestic authoritative experts.
        Our company was established in the marketing and after-sale service network and close cooperative dealers, and equipped with a business, marketing and service consciousness good after-sales service team. Companies also invite professional organization for marketing and after-sale service staff regularly professional technology, marketing and service concept of training, etc. In the process of practice, formed a complete set of perfect marketing and after-sale service system. Through these stereo marketing service system, to ensure that the companys customers get more long-term, swift and satisfactory service, to ensure that the companys products are sold more areas, and widely acclaimed by customers.
        Our company with high quality, excellent service, flexible operation, standard management in the fierce competition in the market economic tide of invincible. Company tenet: quality first, the customer is supreme. In order to further improve the quality of full consciousness and ability and quality, and fully with international standards, unceasingly absorb and adopt the advanced quality management techniques and experience, and constantly perfect and improve the level of management, steadily improve product quality. Product can provide CCS, ABS, GL, and through such classification certificate of GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001: the 2008 international quality management system standards for the quality management system, carry out "the quality first, customer satisfaction, and standardized management, continuous improvement". The quality policy, make the company keep making progress, innovation, dares to squeeze in domestic and international markets, to participate in the competition, "in" one enterprising spirit of struggle, brave.

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